Creating and implementing



for the tourism industry

EnCompass is the only company that gives you a holistic approach to accessibility. We don't just tell you what you should be doing, but instead we create a practical strategy just for you. We:

  • Help create your accessibility strategy from development to implementation.

  • Provide bespoke disability awareness training for your staff -from head office to your sales team, marketing and tour guides.

  • Provide a full 'do it for you' service including full trip auditing and putting in place accessibility solutions, along with department bespoke training.


"Did you know...? "

...from July 1st 2018 the new UK



now require you to have full information on the accessibility of your products for many different types of impairments. Don't leave yourself open to litigation...




Where do you start with your accessibility strategy? EnCompass can write your holistic accessibility strategy for you to take you from A right through to Z. This strategy blueprint covers everything from the practical side of putting accessibility in place, to showing you what your sales teams, marketing department and tour guides need to learn. You don't have to reinvent the wheel! 



EnCompass provides training for all your staff -from head office strategy decision makers to disability awareness training for your sales team, marketing department and tour guides. We also train in how to assess and put accessibility in place on your tours in the easiest and most cost effective ways to comply with legislation. We even provide  training for your very own in-house accessibility ambassadors to keep your initiative on track!



It might seem scary, but don't stress, there are so many new ways to make your tours accessible! EnCompass knows all the tricks and new equipment available, auditing your tours for you both for legal information gathering and to create professional accessibility in the most efficient and cost effective way.