-Tour companies and DMCs
-Accommodation and Transport providers


Based on our Travel Access Formula, we can write your entire, holistic accessibility strategy using step-by-step processes such as looking at what is needed to make your sales and marketing accessible, auditing your trip access requirements, examining your legal auditing procedures and more. Whether you simply want to comply with legislation requirements or create full accessibility, Encompass works with you to advise on the most cost-effective, holistic and professional way to do this, giving you a bespoke blueprint to work from by the end. We have vast knowledge of disability law and best practice, and work specifically with the travel industry so that you can be confident that you won't build a 'ship with holes' strategy that fails or needs expensive patching later. 


There are currently no specific international standards for adventure travel and EnCompass understands that it is not possible to change every hotel and transport method! 

We therefore combine current legislation and best practice, finding creative and robust methods to implement accessibility by using regulations from the UK and the USA. We also refer to International Standards Organisation buildings and transport guidelines and best practice guidelines from top UK disability charities. Using these as our framework we add our extensive knowledge of the latest portable accessibility equipment for travel and our own travel experience as disabled travellers. We find solutions that not only keep you legally correct, but are the best value for you and the right solutions for your customers.

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1995

  • Equality Act 2010

  • Package Travel Regulations 2018

  • Americans With Disabilities Act 1990

  • ISO (International Standards Organisation) accessibility guidelines

  • Best practice guidelines from a range of top UK disability charities